Guiding Healing and Restoring Mother Earth

The dynamic work of creating cultures of peace, justice, and healing only intensifies as we feel the effects of the climate crisis, locally and globally.  We believe that even in the most disruptive and emotionally challenging times, safe, innovative, and peace-filled responses are possible.  Climate action and Earth restoration efforts include: 

  • Regionally designed training to encourage community-based resilience and ecosystems restoration
  • Strategy-sharing collaborations with NGO partners, Indigenous communities and faith coalitions to expand global awareness and action
  • Ceremonial gatherings and thematic workshops to honor Earth and continue to learn about meaningful ways to care for the land, water, one another and all species
  • Monthly “Gathering for Earth” calls and newsletter updates provide opportunities for Cooperation Circles to discuss regional concerns
    and share ideas

Across the URI network, over 375 Cooperation Circles are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, address widespread pollution, and protect biodiversity. Together we can accept the weight of this moment by responding to the unique needs in each of our communities, and honoring our interrelatedness as the source of strength it has always been. A brochure is available online.