URI and Violence Prevention

Religiously motivated violence affects millions of people worldwide and includes violence perpetrated explicitly in the name of religion, as well as violence done by non-religious actors and a government against a religious minority or historically marginalized group. Ending such violence has been a primary purpose of URI since its inception in 2000. 

Today, hostilities related to religion are spreading faster than any other type of violence. Most violent conflict is not caused by religious institutions or an individual’s spiritual practices but rather arises amidst struggles about power, competition for territory and resources, and revenge. 

Over the past twenty years, the science of violence has advanced considerably. This offers a key opportunity for URI and its partners to more effectively prevent or reduce violence, with measurable results, worldwide.

In the coming three years, URI will build the capacity and skills of CCs engaged in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The first such program will be rolled out in Nigeria in the Fall 2023.