URI Network Impact

In 2021, URI launched a three-year partnership with Elite Research to perform an in-depth study on the impact of URI as a network connecting Cooperation Circles (CCs) to each other globally and regionally, and in alignment with URI’s PPPs.

The focus was to find out:

  • How connected do CCs experience themselves in relation to the network? 
  • What distinctive URI priorities and what forms of connection factor into CCs’ experience of engagement in the network?

With the three years almost completed, URI will be sharing widely collected learnings from the study in early January 2024.

Here are some preliminary findings of the survey:*

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URI provides opportunities to learn about interfaith work that is meaningful to CC members’ work.

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Belonging to URI has improved the CC members’ and leaders’ ability to understand people of other religious, spiritual, national, traditional, cultural, etc. backgrounds.

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URI’s core values (the PPPs) provide meaningful guidance for the work CC members and leaders do in their community.